An Accidental Royal Kidnap

Accidental Royal Kidnap (Cropped)

When London schoolteacher George Nearly wakes up one Sunday morning to find a dishevelled young woman sprawled on his living-room rug, claiming to be a princess, his plans for a peaceful day at home recovering from his 39th birthday party disappear faster than a French monarch’s head during a revolution.

And when the feisty royal accuses George of kidnapping her, his very ordinary life is turned completely upside down, as the party princess takes root in his apartment, causes royal waves among his friends and family, and demands to go walkabout on the streets of London.

It’s blue-blooded British comedy by unofficial royal appointment in this hilarious, and often surreal, regal romp that’s guaranteed to raise a laugh from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace!

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This very British comedy novel is the first in a series starring reluctant hero George Nearly, Princess Araminta of Essex (‘Minty’ to her friends), and a host of other quirky characters who will tickle funny bones, exercise chuckle muscles and stretch rib cages to breaking point. Royals and commoners collide in these uniquely English adventures that lovers of comedy fiction around the former British Empire and beyond will enjoy.

So, if you’re in need of a strong dose of British humour, An Accidental Royal Kidnap is just what the royal physician ordered. Please read twice a day after your lady-in-waiting or butler has delivered your lunch and dinner on a silver platter. Finally, if Her Majesty the Queen is reading this, we guarantee that you will be amused, ma’am!

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