There are two Facebook pages you can currently visit – my author’s page and a page for my We Have Lost series of books.

If you want new Facebook posts from either of these accounts to appear in your timeline, you’ll have to ‘Like’ the page – by clicking a ‘Like’ button on each of these pages. New posts should then appear in your timeline. I say ‘should’, because the reality is it’s not automatic – it depends on how many people you ‘like’ (if you like lots, Facebook decides what you see) and your news feed preferences. (You can prioritise my or anyone else’s pages if you access your news feed settings.) Checking the author and book pages regularly is therefore a good idea, if you don’t want to miss anything.

As well as ‘liking’ the pages, you can ‘share’ their posts on your timeline. If you do this, you will have my eternal gratitude. Thank you!

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