Royal Wedding in Vegas

After a whirlwind romance that went straight from attraction to engagement without all that messy dating business in between, Princess Araminta of Essex and her fiancé Lennon are defying protocol and getting hitched in Vegas. Schoolteacher, goldfish lover and reformed accidental kidnapper George Nearly is also along for the royal-wedding ride. That’s because he’s the best man – the first time anyone’s ever called him that.

But the secret wedding plans soon start to go awry, as news of the big event leaks to the media, things and people start disappearing, and an unexpected visitor turns up to add to the marital mayhem.

Will the happy couple make it to the chapel on time? Will George buckle under the best-man pressure? Can what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas … or will the paparazzi spoil the party? Find out, in the latest hilarious instalment of Paul Mathews’ Royally Funny books series.

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The third instalment of the Royally Funny series is finally here! Take a trip to the United States for the first ever royal wedding in Las Vegas. Needless to say, things don’t go quite to plan for Princess Araminta of Essex, her bridegroom Lennon or for best man George Nearly in this comedy adventure that carries on from The Royal Wedding Saboteurs and An Accidental Royal Kidnap.