The Blood Moon Of Doom

The Blood Moon of Doom (Website Image)

When celebrity astronomer Edwin Bubble is found battered to death by his own telescope, the morning after a ‘Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse, Detective Inspector Clinton Trump crashes onto the scene like a megaton meteorite who’s late for a date with a small, blue-green planet at the edge of a spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

With Edwin tipped to win a trip to space in the ‘Celebrity Come Mooning’ reality TV series – and a return trip, budget permitting – South East England’s greatest detective makes it his mission to figure out which lunatic launched Edwin Bubble to the heavens a little earlier than anticipated.

Could the murderer be Edwin’s estranged son, Tycho? Is the killer a fellow celeb who wants Edwin out of the way? Or are they a schoolmate still seething over schoolboy pranks in the days before travelling to Mars was a cool idea?

Find out, in this riotous, space-themed, English murder-mystery comedy that will have you chuckling, chortling and contemplating life, the universe … and everything!

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The Blood Moon Of Doom is the second e-book in Paul Mathews’ ‘Clinton Trump Detective Genius’ series. Another classic English detective spoof, this adventure has a strong space theme and, as well as being extremely funny, may help you unlock the secrets of life, the universe and everything. Or maybe not. There’s no refund if it doesn’t!