To Kill A Shocking Bard

To Kill A Shocking Bard (website)

When Upper Goosing’s premier poet, Percy Bishe, expires after scoffing a jumbo cream horn in the Tourist Trap café, foul puff-pastry play is immediately suspected. However, there’s a not-so-sweet surprise in store for Detective Inspector Clinton Trump, when his newly promoted deputy, Sergeant Dinkel, is handed the case and Clinton is left on the side-lines like a piece of stale shortbread. Will our detective genius manage to muscle his way into the investigation? Is Sergeant Dinkel up to the task of tracking down the bard’s killer? And will the murderer get his just deserts? Find out, in this final, lip-smacking Clinton Trump Detective Genius adventure!

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All tremendous trilogies must come to end and Clinton Trump signs off in style in this crazy literary-themed murder-mystery farce that lovers of great comedy and bad poetry will love more than Shakespeare loved a good rhyming couplet. Set in the autumn of 2019, when the murderers of Upper Goosing weren’t under lockdown and were still able to venture outside without wearing face masks, this is almost certainly the most chaotic, and funniest, detective story you have ever downloaded to your kindle. To buy or not to buy? What a silly question!