We Have Lost The Plot


London, 2046. The movie industry is coming to town for the launch of the FAB movie awards. But when British president and former actor Zayn Winner loses a screenplay he’s written that parodies fellow world leaders, all Hollywood hell breaks loose. That’s the cue for long-suffering presidential spokesman Howie Pond to be handed a leading role in the hunt for the missing script. To add to the movie mayhem, British intelligence identifies a possible plot to sabotage the FABs ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Howie’s secret-agent wife, Britt, is tasked with identifying the plotters and averting a real-life Hollywood disaster. Along the way, Howie and Britt encounter actors, actresses, movie moguls and more, as they’re both sucked into a story that sees them – and the people around them – lose the plot on more than one occasion. Will the screenplay be found before Britain is embarrassed on the international stage? Can the plotters be unmasked before the dramatic denouement? Find out, in this latest crazy, comedy adventure from British drama king Paul Mathews!

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We Have Lost The Plot is the fifth and final e-book in the ‘We Have Lost’ series and stars Howie Pond, his wife Britt, and a supporting cast of regular, and irregular, characters from the world of 2040s London, Hollywood and beyond. Littered with actors, actresses, directors, producers and crazed movie fans, we recommend you purchase a ticket to read it, grab yourself a bucket of popcorn & giant fizzy giant, then settle into a front-row seat and enjoy the comedy action!