We Have Lost The Pelicans

Triple Amazon US #1 Best-Seller in Dark Comedy, Political Humor and British Humor & Satire

London, 2044. The St James’ Park pelicans have vanished – just a day before the grand unveiling of the Republic’s new pelican flag. At the same time, British intelligence uncovers coded messages about anti-Government activity.

Who are the bird-nappers? What do they want with London’s feathered treasures? And what evil geniuses lurk behind those secret messages? Britain’s hungriest secret agent, Howie Pond – licence to lunch – reluctantly agrees to try and find out.

Howie’s newshound fiancée, Britt, has a secret mission of her own – to identify the mysterious owner of Windsor Castle. That means calling on the help of her straight-talking American alter ego – the appropriately named Miss Pellie Cann.

And to add to the chaos, Howie and Britt are supposed to be getting married tomorrow…

Chapter 1 (short extract)

Howie lifted the china mug to his lips and drained the last few drops of espresso clinging to the bottom. Then, with both hands, he carefully positioned it on his desk behind a piece of paper which warned in thick, black marker pen: ‘I am Howie Pond’s mug – do NOT use me’. As he enjoyed the fleeting taste of sugar-soaked caffeine, he stared at his favourite drink holder and smiled. It was covered in so many chips and cracks, most people would have thrown it away years ago. And its stubborn brown stains had been there so long, Howie wouldn’t have been surprised if it harboured some form of microscopic caffeine-based lifeform. But this mug had sentimental value for him. The words ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ were splashed on the side in royal-blue lettering. It had been the campaign slogan of former president Jan Polak – a man whose ten-year reign had sadly come to an end a few weeks ago. This mug was a reminder of happier times. Less chaotic times. Howie sighed as a bitter aftertaste hit his tongue. There was no point dwelling on the past. Not when there were mini doughnuts to be eaten in the present.

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We Have Lost The Pelicans is the second book in the We Have Lost series and carries on from where #1 Amazon US best-seller We Have Lost The President left off. It’s packed with the same crazy humour and exciting action, and a double mystery that will keep you guessing. Meet some old friends and a host of new characters when you take another trip to London, 2044.

The novel costs just £4.99 (€4.99 in the rest of Europe and $4.99 in the US) and is available to download as an e-book from Amazon online stores worldwide. An audiobook version is also available from Amazon and other online retailers.

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