We Have Lost The President

A Double #1 Best-Seller in the Amazon US store (in Political Humor / British Humor & Satire)

London, 2044. British President Jan Polak has vanished overnight from Buckingham Palace. Has he been kidnapped? Or even Killed?

One man is determined to find out  – as soon as he’s had his breakfast. His name is Pond. Howie Pond – the president’s  spokesperson and wannabe secret agent.

But with Howie’s journalist girlfriend Britt soon onto the story, the race is on to see who gets to the truth first…

Chapter 1 (short extract)

Howie Pond was not a happy man. He’d been dragged out of bed and into Buckingham Palace by an early morning bleep. In the frantic rush to squeeze into his best suit and leave his south London pod, he’d forgotten to grab any breakfast. The palace canteen didn’t open until 7.00am. And, despite its extravagance, the White Drawing Room, in which he now stood, didn’t contain a coffee machine. The Royal Family probably took it with them, he thought to himself. A last act of defiance before they fled to Florida, all those years ago. ‘Let them drink instant!’ he imagined the king screaming, as he sprinted to his escape helicopter, clutching a gold-plated espresso maker.

He squinted at his bleeper. It was still installing software he didn’t want and refusing access to his e-comms. Howie heaved a huge sigh. He hated technology – or ‘Tech’, as everyone insisted on calling it these days. Yes. Tech with a capital ‘T’ – the marketing slogan of a firm that had gone bust with a capital ‘B’ years ago, taking billions of pounds of British Government money with it. Today’s Tech didn’t deserve a capital ‘T’. It hardly merited a small ‘t’…

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We Have Lost The President is packed with sharp humour, great characters, dynamic dialogue and a mystery that will keep you guessing from beginning to end. It will transport you to a low-tech, high-drama, post-revolution Britain of the future. A world where some things, like the complete lack of internet and mobile phone access, are quite different. But other aspects, such as politics and big business, are very much the same.

The novel costs just £3.99 (or $4.99 for US readers) and is available to download as an e-book from Amazon online stores worldwide (including the UKUS, Canada and Australia stores).

The We Have Lost The President audiobook, produced by Tantor Media and narrated by British actor Gildart Jackson, is now available to download from Amazon, Audible, iTunes and other audiobook retailers.