The Royal Wedding Saboteurs

The Royal Wedding Saboteurs (Cover Fragment)

When Princess Araminta of Essex invites George Nearly and friends to her sister’s royal wedding, the party princess has plans to make it a day to remember for the happy couple. Quite horrid plans. And those plans involve him. Of course they do. It’s been one of those weeks for George.

It’s not long before things start going awry for our reluctant saboteur, as he encounters the cream of eccentric high society, an eligible young man with eyes for his plus-one Sam, a party-princess lookalike, and a barmy bridesmaid who wants to take him for a wild ride on a rocking chair.

Will Araminta somehow sabotage her sister’s celebrations? Can George rescue his first date with Sam? Or will he lose her, as well as his sanity? Find out, in this hilarious sequel to An Accidental Royal Kidnap by self-proclaimed king of comedy fiction Paul Mathews!

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The sequel to the funniest novel ever written about an accidental royal kidnapping, this new adventure takes our hero George Nearly out of his London comfort zone and into a series of hilarious wedding adventures on a country estate in Essex. As his imaginary coping-mechanism friend, you are cordially invited to the celebrations. No need to dress up or buy a present. Just bring a bookmark!

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