@QuiteFunnyGuy is my primary identity on Twitter. That’s easy to understand because I am quite funny. From this account, I tweet about my writing, life in general, my cat Lulu – who usually gets more retweets than I do – and my Bichon Frise puppy Fizzi. You can see a live feed at the bottom of this page.

@GrumpyOldEarth is a humorous account I run on behalf of Planet Earth. Check it out to see what his latest grumble is about!

@IamComet67P is a space comedy account I started in June 2015 at the beginning of my writing journey when I wanted to try something different on Twitter. More than seven years later, it’s still going strong with more than 12,000 followers (more than me at the time of writing!) Comet 67P is grumpy, opinionated, self-important but very loveable. You’d be surprised how much humour I can squeeze out of a comet!

@IamPhilaeLander is a little brother account to Comet 67P. While the real lander officially went to sleep long ago, his battery does charge up enough to allow him to tweet from this account.

@MilkyWayBHole is yet another space humour account. But this time it’s the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way making his views known on life, the universe and everything. He’s a space cowboy with an accent to match!

@FizziPup also has his own account from which he studies humans (i.e. my wife and I).

So that’s Twitter – a lot of work for me. But lots of fun, at the same time. And it’s helped me to find lots of readers for my books. Hopefully, it will help me find many more.

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