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Greetings, human. Welcome to the website of Paul Mathews – comedy novelist, playwright, cat lover, cheese addict, space fan, and the brains behind several comedy Twitter accounts. Apparently, he’s quite a funny guy, too. To make this point, he’s just changed this website address to quitefunnyguy.com (from iamthe.website). If you meet Mr Mathews, please humour him and tell him what a good idea this was – and not a waste of an afternoon for me, fiddling around with domain registration and mapping.

Who am I? I’m Brian the auto-tech – a robot from Mr Mathews’ We Have Lost comedy-thriller series. I’m highly intelligent, extremely efficient, very shiny, and much better looking than Mr Mathews, so you’ll see a lot of me around this website. (Robot’s note: auto-techs are described in the books as ‘half the size of humans … but twice as unhelpful’.  Please ignore this. It is a very bad joke.)

I’ve just received an urgent e-comm from Mr Mathews to say his third novel, We Have Lost The Coffee, has recently been published. It’s about Britain running out of coffee in the year 2045. This sounds more like a horror than a comedy to me, although I have been assured by Mr Mathews that it is ‘very funny’. But then, he would say that.

As well as information on Mr Mathews’ novels, plays and social media activity, this website also includes a section where you can sign up for Mr Mathews’ Very Funny Newsletter. It’s a fortnightly e-mail update that is ‘guaranteed to make you laugh’ (his words, not mine). If it sounds like the sort of thing that might stimulate your hard drive, please sign up.

That is all the data I have to download. This connection is now terminated.

Robot regards,

Brian the auto-tech