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Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the quite-funny-guy website – the official web-thingy of comedy novelist and quite funny guy Paul Mathews. Hopefully you weren’t looking for another Paul Mathews who’s an economist, doctor or someone else with a proper job. If you were, I can’t provide Asian markets analysis, or undertake complex brain surgery, but you’re welcome to stick around. This website needs all the visitors it can get.

Now you’re here, take a look around (via the menu at the top of the page – clever, huh?). It’s free to browse. And nobody will appear from behind you to ask ‘Do you need any help sir/madam?’ That’s not how we roll at the quite-funny-guy website.

BREAKING NEWS: My fourth novel, We Have Lost The Chihuahuas is out now & available to buy on Amazon. This latest book isn’t just quite funny – it’s very funny. I’ve read it half a dozen times already and I still laugh at the jokes. Honest, I do. Some reviewers even liked it. My Mum hasn’t read it yet, but I’m sure she’ll love it, too.

If you’re wondering, the cartoon above is not meant to be me (it’s 30 years since I had that much hair). No. It’s the star of my ‘We Have Lost’ series, Howie Pond, who’s suffering caffeine deprivation on the cover of We Have Lost The Coffee. And the robot you’ll see around the site is Brian the auto-tech – another star of the earlier books. And don’t worry – he may be a robot from the future, but he’s harmless.

Finally, you can visit my author page on your local Amazon store by clicking here.

Best wishes

Paul Mathews