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My new comedy e-book, ‘A Very Funny Murder Mystery’, starring Clinton Trump Detective Genius, is now available to pre-order for £3.99 / $3.99 – click here to visit its Amazon page and see Clinton in all his investigative glory!

Greetings, fellow internet user. My name is Paul Mathews and I’m a comedy author. Yes, a real, live person who somehow makes a living by writing humorous fiction and isn’t famous at all. There aren’t many of us. Think of us as the pandas of the literary world. (I’m still waiting for David Attenborough to make a documentary about us.) It’s just, instead of bamboo, we feed on a lot of cheese. Well, I do, anyway.

Okay, so you’re here at my quite funny website. You’ll find lots of info here about me and my books which are, of course, not just quite funny, but very funny. For information on the five novels in my ‘We Have Lost’ series, click the lovely links below:

We Have Lost The President — We Have Lost The Pelicans

We Have Lost The Coffee — We Have Lost The Chihuahuas

We Have Lost The Plot

You can also check out more info on my new murder-mystery spoof, A Very Funny Murder Mystery, by clicking here. And, in case you don’t have enough links to click, you can also visit my author page on your local Amazon store by clicking here.

I’ll be publishing book 1 in my new ‘Clinton Trump Genius Detective’ series on 29 November (available to pre-order from 1 November). Entitled ‘A Very Funny Murder Mystery’, it’s a British detective spoof set in the delightful English village of Upper Goosing, starring “South East England’s greatest detective”, and self-declared genius, Detective Inspector Clinton Trump. Check my social media channels or sign up for my Very Funny Newsletter for updates.

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Paul Mathews

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