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Greetings, fellow intelligent lifeform. I’m Paul Mathews. (The author – in case you were searching for a dentist, plastic surgeon or pest controller with the same name.) Thanks for dropping by. If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting you. But that doesn’t matter. I’ve got some HTML code in the cupboard and a few JPEGs on my desk, so I’m sure we can cobble together a few web pages for you.

So, this is the homepage. There are buttons and links to click. And I’m pretty proud of it.

What else? Oh yes, you wanted to know some information about me. Well, I’ve just published my fifth novel, We Have Lost The Plot, which, as its title suggests, has a movie theme. I’ve read it more than 10 times and can highly recommend it.

For information on my five published novels, click the lovely links below:

We Have Lost The President — We Have Lost The Pelicans

We Have Lost The Coffee — We Have Lost The Chihuahuas

We Have Lost The Plot

You can also visit my author page on your local Amazon store by clicking here. And, if you know my home address, you can also visit me there. But let me know you’re coming next time.

Best wishes

Paul ‘Quite Funny Guy’ Mathews

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