Paul Mathews – Quite Funny Guy


Paul Mathews’ new comedy e-book, The Blood Moon Of Doom, starring Clinton Trump Detective Genius, is now available – click here to visit its Amazon page

Welcome to the website of quite funny British guy Paul Mathews. He’s a comedy author, Twitter-holic & animal lover (so much so, he only employs non-humans in his office). You’ll find lots of info here about him and his books which are, of course, not just quite funny, but very funny. At least, that what his Mum keeps telling him.

His most recent novel was published on 28 February 2019: a space-themed, murder-mystery spoof entitled The Blood Moon Of Doom. It stars self-proclaimed detective genius Clinton Trump and is the second in the series, following on from A Very Funny Murder Mystery (which, in case you’re curious, is a very funny murder mystery).

For information on all Paul Mathews’ novels, including his best-selling, five-book We Have Lost series, visit our Novels page. And, in case you don’t have enough links to click, you can also visit his author page on your local Amazon store by clicking here.

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We hope you’ll have a very funny time on this website. If you don’t, please don’t let us know. P.S. The robot you’ll see around the site is called Brian and stars in the We Have Lost series. He’s from the future, so please don’t upset him. Thank you!

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