Paul Mathews – Quite Funny Guy


Welcome to the website of British comedy novelist Paul Mathews – a man who shuns real work and continues to type out the conversations he hears in his head between characters who are complete figments of his imagination. He adds in a bit of description and a dash of plot, interspersed with lots of jokes and, hey presto, he’s written another very funny novel.

Mr Mathews has written 12 comedy novels to date: five in his very popular We Have Lost series, set in 2040s Britain; the Clinton Trump Detective Trump trilogy, a comedy spoof which has delighted and annoyed our American friends in equal measure (a bit like the real Trump, so this shouldn’t have surprised him as much as it did); three in his Royally Funny series, centred around a man who finds a princess on his living-room rug one morning; and last, but not least, his new comedy science-fiction novel Terry From Another Dimension.

More info on his novels can be found here. Or you can visit Paul’s author page on Amazon here. If looking at the books’ covers isn’t enough, you can even buy them.

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Thank you and happy reading!