29 November – Black Coffee Friday

It’s Black Friday and, to celebrate this wonderful day in the consumer calendar, I’m giving away my third novel, ‘We Have Lost The Coffee’, for free until Tuesday 3 December. My first two novels, ‘We Have Lost The President’ and ‘We Have Lost The Pelicans’ are also discounted for the next seven days. You can visit my Amazon author profile by clicking here and also buy all my other e-books for full price, if you really want to. Happy reading!

3 June – Break Time

If you were wondering where I was, I’m on a break. It started at the beginning of March, rolled on through April, continued unabated in May, and has taken me a few days into June already. With the sun now shining and the return of shorts to my gorgeous legs, re-starting my writing is going to be tough. But I have promised myself I will try and get myself into literary gear soon, so I can publish the third novel in my ‘Clinton Trump Detective Genius’ series by the end of 2019 (or possibly the start of 2020). That will be called ‘To Kill A Shocking Bard’ and, as its title suggests, focuses on the death of a truly awful poet. After that, I’m really not sure what will come next. I may start writing self-help books for authors who’ve been on a long break and can’t get themselves started again. Stay tuned for more updates!

28 February – Time For A Space-Themed Murder Mystery

There aren’t enough space-themed murder mystery novels in the universe. That is a scientific fact. So, as a laughter scientist, I’ve done my little bit to remedy that situation. The Blood Moon Of Doom is published today and, as well as featuring the murder of a celebrity astronomer and the efforts of self-proclaimed detective genius Clinton Trump to unmask the killer, it touches on life, the universe and everything. And some other things, too. If you want to unlock the secrets of the comedy-novel universe, you can check out its Amazon page here. Or check out the blurb on its website page.

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