5 July – We Have Lost The … What?

No plans yet to write book six in the series (there’s another series to come before that – a murder-mystery spoof). But I’m having some fun on Facebook asking for suggestions for a title. However, as all the previous titles have ended in words beginning with ‘P’ or ‘C’, that’s the key criterion. I’ve suggested Coconuts, Pandas, Chocolate & Pumpkins. If you want to visit my Facebook author page and see this post and others, click here. So, come on – share your brilliance and let me know your ideas!


12 June – The Great Disappearing Review Trick

Hmmm. Like a literary murder-mystery, Amazon is slowly, but surely, bumping off my good reviews. Five- and four-star reviews go missing in the night … never to return. I have no idea why – all my reviews are genuine – but Amazon is very much a law unto itself. Funnily enough, it’s never the one-star reviews that meet a sticky end..!

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed my books but haven’t reviewed them, visit my author page here and you can click on the appropriate book and leave a review. Thanks!

26 April – ‘We Have Lost The Plot’ Premiere

After several months in pre-production, We Have Lost The Plot is now screening in Kindles around the globe. (Well, it’s on mine, at least!) For a short period, you can grab it at the ‘Hollywood Special’ price of $4.99 (or £3.99 if you’re on the other side of the pond).

Packed full of movie thrills and spills, this cinematic comedy will have critics in raptures for decades to come. (Note for web editor: delete this if any bad reviews come in.)

You can view the e-book’s page on your local Amazon store by clicking here.

So, that just leaves me to say … lights, kindle, action!

5 March – Cover Reveal

As the dust settles on the Oscars, it seems appropriate to post this in our news section – the front cover of my next movie-themed novel ‘We Have Lost The Plot’. The e-book will be out on 26 April. No pre-orders for this one. We don’t want the plot leaking before then!

We have Lost the Plot - 1562x2500px

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