19 December – I’m Now on Mastodon

Yes, I’m still on Twitter. But now you can find me in the Fediverse under the username

Click here to be taken to my profile. Come and join us – it’s Elon-Musk-free!

27 October 2022 – Terry Has Arrived From Another Dimension

My wacky science-fiction comedy set in 2050s London ‘Terry From Another Dimension’ is now available to purchase as an eBook from all major Amazon stores. This humorous sci-fi adventure will appeal to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans, as well as anyone who enjoys a bit of futuristic escapism with lots of laughs along the way. Quirky characters abound – both human and robot – in what I hope is my funniest book yet!

Visit the eBook’s page in your local Amazon store by clicking here.

Happy reading, humans (and aliens!).

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