6 November – We Finally Did It!

Yes, we did! ‘We Have Lost The President’ has hit #1 spot in the Amazon UK ‘Political Humour’ category. That’s ‘humour’ with two ‘u’s, of course, because we are British and we are proud! We can also recommend the book at number 2 in the charts, ‘The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax’ by Christopher Shevlin. But don’t buy it just yet … we don’t want it knocking us off top spot! (Sorry, Chris!)


1 November – Chihuahua Pre-Orders Now Live!

It’s the news that comedy lovers and Chihuahua fanciers have been waiting for. We Have Lost The Chihuahuas is now available to pre-order at a discount price from Amazon until 28 November, when the e-book will be published to a fanfare of woofs, barks and other doggy noises. Click these links to visit Amazon UK or Amazon US.

1 October – We Have Lost The Chihuahuas

Book 4 in the ‘We Have Lost’ series, We Have Lost The Chihuahuas, now has its own page on this quite funny website. It includes release details and a sneak peak at the first couple of draft pages. You can view the page here. Enjoy!

12 September – New Website Name

This isn’t very exciting, but we thought we’d better tell you. After lots of fiddling around, this website is now (although will still work for the next 18 months, at least, if you prefer to type that into your browser). This is so it matches Mr Mathews’ username on Twitter and clearly communicates his quite-funniness to the world. And … well, that’s it. You see – we told you it wasn’t very exciting!

30 August – The Refreshing Sound of Coffee

Yes, that’s right. You can now listen to coffee, as well as drink it. Well, the We Have Lost The Coffee audiobook, that is. It’s just been released by Tantor Media and is available on Amazon, Audible and other online retailers. Click here to find out more about the best-selling e-book and the audiobook.

27 August – 10,000 Presidents

Well, not 10,000 presidents – that would be too much for anyone to take. No, what we mean is the 10,000th copy of We Have Lost The President was sold this weekend. It’s currently #2 in the Amazon US ‘British Humor & Satire’ charts (We Have Lost The Coffee is #1 and We Have Lost The Pelicans #3) and #3 in ‘Political Humor’. Thanks to everyone who bought it … and didn’t ask for a refund!