4 November – An Accidental Royal Kidnap

My forthcoming comedy novel An Accidental Royal Kidnap is now available to pre-order as an eBook from Amazon here. It’s the funniest book I’ve ever written and it’s out on 27 November 2020. Please check it out and tell your friends, family and even the people you don’t like because reading a funny novel might make them into nice people. Or, at least, nicer people. Paperback will be available on publication day.

6 July – Paperbacks Are Finally Here

I am tremendously pleased to announce that the Clinton Trump Detective Genius trilogy are all now available as paperbacks from Amazon, priced £9.99 and $12.99: A Very Funny Murder Mystery, The Blood Moon Of Doom and To Kill A Shocking Bard. The five books in my We Have Lost series will also become available over the next couple of months and all future titles will come out in eBook and paperback at the same time. Visit my Amazon author page here to find them all in one place. Happy page flicking!

29 April – To Kill A Shocking Bard: Out Now!

After a long wait for me to get my act together, To Kill A Shocking Bard – the third and final e-book in the ‘Clinton Trump Detective Genius’ trilogy – is out now on Amazon. This tale has a literary theme, as local poet Percy Bishe comes a cropper after he scoffs a poisoned cream horn. As well as Inspector Trump, it stars recently promoted Sergeant Troy Dinkel and a host of eccentric literary lovers in what is possibly the most chaotic murder-mystery you’ll ever read (or I’ll ever write!). You can visit the novel’s Amazon page by clicking here. Happy reading!

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