21 September – The Price Is Right

We Have Lost The President is just £2.99 / $2.99 permanently in the Amazon store. Its four sequels are now all priced at £4.99 / $4.99. Prices have also been reduced in Canada and Australia. You can view all Paul Mathews’ e-books at your local Amazon store by clicking here.

31 August – President / Pelican Special Offer

From Friday 31 August to Thursday 6 September, both We Have Lost The President and We Have Lost The Pelicans are available for just 99p / 99c on Amazon UK / US. They are books 1 & 2 in my ‘We Have Lost’ series and my dog, cat and fish all highly recommend them. So, if they’re not already in your e-book collection, now is the time to splash out and enjoy some quirky British comedy. Happy cheap reading!

25 July – Have a Break…

And take a look at a Twitter ‘Moment’ about Kit Kats by clicking here. You might recognise one of the featured (quite funny) contributors..!


5 July – We Have Lost The … What?

No plans yet to write book six in the series (there’s another series to come before that – a murder-mystery spoof). But I’m having some fun on Facebook asking for suggestions for a title. However, as all the previous titles have ended in words beginning with ‘P’ or ‘C’, that’s the key criterion. I’ve suggested Coconuts, Pandas, Chocolate & Pumpkins. If you want to visit my Facebook author page and see this post and others, click here. So, come on – share your brilliance and let me know your ideas!


12 June – The Great Disappearing Review Trick

Hmmm. Like a literary murder-mystery, Amazon is slowly, but surely, bumping off my good reviews. Five- and four-star reviews go missing in the night … never to return. I have no idea why – all my reviews are genuine – but Amazon is very much a law unto itself. Funnily enough, it’s never the one-star reviews that meet a sticky end..!

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed my books but haven’t reviewed them, visit my author page here and you can click on the appropriate book and leave a review. Thanks!

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