26 April – ‘We Have Lost The Plot’ Premiere

After several months in pre-production, We Have Lost The Plot is now screening in Kindles around the globe. (Well, it’s on mine, at least!) For a short period, you can grab it at the ‘Hollywood Special’ price of $4.99 (or £3.99 if you’re on the other side of the pond).

Packed full of movie thrills and spills, this cinematic comedy will have critics in raptures for decades to come. (Note for web editor: delete this if any bad reviews come in.)

You can view the e-book’s page on your local Amazon store by clicking here.

So, that just leaves me to say … lights, kindle, action!

5 March – Cover Reveal

As the dust settles on the Oscars, it seems appropriate to post this in our news section – the front cover of my next movie-themed novel ‘We Have Lost The Plot’. The e-book will be out on 26 April. No pre-orders for this one. We don’t want the plot leaking before then!

We have Lost the Plot - 1562x2500px

12 February – We Have Tied Up The Plot

Yes, I’ve completed the first draft of my movie-themed novel ‘We Have Lost The Plot’ (or maybe that should be ‘first cut’). It’s come in at almost exactly 75,000 words – which was my target. I’m getting good at this novel-writing lark! A week of frantic editing and then it will go off to my editor Catherine for the first edit on Monday.

Publication may be shifted back a couple of days to Saturday 28th April, to give me an extra couple of days to make last-minute checks. Keep an eye on this website for further news.

4 January – A Date For Your Movie Diaries

It’s official – ‘We Have Lost The Plot’ will be published on Thursday 26th April, as Howie and Britt Pond embark on their latest, movie-themed adventures in London 2046.  For regular updates on progress, sign up to Paul Mathews’ Very Funny Newsletter. We’re still working on the book’s blurb and cover. When they’re ready, newsletter subscribers will be the first to know!

2 December – Top Dog

We Have Lost The Chihuahuas is currently leading the pack in three Amazon US categories: ‘Dark Comedy’, ‘British Humor & Satire and ‘Political Humour’. It’s also picked up a host of four- and five-star reviews in both America and the UK. If you want to find out why this crazy canine comedy is best-in-comedy-breed, click here and you’ll be taken for a walkies to see the e-book in your local Amazon store. And please wash your paws when you get back. Thank you!

Chihuahuas No 1

28 November – Chihuahuhas Are Go!

It’s the day that Chihuahuas and comedy fans have all been waiting for – We Have Lost The Chihuahuas is now available to buy & read on Amazon. So, grab your Kindle by the leash. Sit! Stay! And read!


6 November – We Finally Did It!

Yes, we did! ‘We Have Lost The President’ has hit #1 spot in the Amazon UK ‘Political Humour’ category. That’s ‘humour’ with two ‘u’s, of course, because we are British and we are proud! We can also recommend the book at number 2 in the charts, ‘The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax’ by Christopher Shevlin. But don’t buy it just yet … we don’t want it knocking us off top spot! (Sorry, Chris!)


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