To Kill A Shocking Bard (Clinton Trump Detective Genius series – Book 3)

You can’t have a trilogy without a book 3 in the series, can you? So Paul Mathews wrote this chaotic murder-mystery with a literary theme, starring detective genius Clinton Trump and his recently promoted sidekick Sergeant Dinkel, as they investigate the death of local poet Percy Bishe. Don’t expect a regular murder mystery because Inspector Trump, and Mr Mathews, don’t do regular. Once you’ve finished the surreal story, we promise you will be craving cream horns, cups of tea and a break from all the rib-cracking laughter. P.S. You’ll have to pay for the cream horns and tea yourselves!

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The Blood Moon Of Doom (Clinton Trump Detective Genius series – Book 2)

Space-themed murder mysteries are very hard to come by. So, Paul Mathews wrote one which is full of all the usual quirky characters, comedy chaos and one-liners. Lightly influenced by his hero, the late Douglas Adams, you will marvel at how many space jokes can be jammed into such a fleeting moment in the space-time continuum. Rather spookily, it sold 42 copies on pre-order, so we can only surmise that the novel does truly unlock the answers to life, the universe and everything. Why not buy the novel and see for yourself?!

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A Very Funny Murder Mystery (Clinton Trump Detective Genius series – Book 1)

How can we describe this novel from Paul Mathews, starring self-proclaimed detective genius Clinton Trump? Well, it’s a classic English murder-mystery spoof – and a very funny one, of course. You’ll also find elements of farce, black humour (and it is ‘humour’, not ‘humor’, as Clinton insists on British English in his novels) and a tremendous number of one-liners. There’s even some political satire in the mix (no prizes for guessing which world leader is satirised). In fact, the best way to explain it is to suggest you read it. Then you can explain it to yourself!

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We Have Lost The Plot (We Have Lost series – Book 5)

The summer of 2046 sees the movie industry roll into town for the Film Association of Britain (FAB) awards. And when President Zayn Winner mislays a screenplay that features unflattering portrayals of his fellow world leaders, Howie Pond becomes the leading man in the search for the explosive script. Meanwhile, his secret-agent wife Britt is unravelling a plot to sabotage the FABs ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Will Howie and Britt survive their brushes with Hollywood’s finest … and its worst? Find out, in this blockbuster movie-themed comedy that critics will be raving about for years to come!

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We Have Lost The Chihuahuas (We Have Lost series – Book 4)

It’s London, 2046. Canine catastrophe strikes when the First Lady’s Chihuahuas go missing. Presidential spokesman Howie Pond and his secret-agent wife Britt end up leading the hunt for the lost pooches. But they’re not working together. They’re in a dog-eat-dog battle for Chihuahua-finding supremacy. Who will emerge as champion? Buy the e-book and find out!

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We Have Lost The Coffee (We Have Lost series – Book 3)

It’s complete caffeine chaos in this crazy comedy romp around 2040s London – the third instalment of Paul Mathews’ best-selling We Have Lost comedy-thriller series.

Probably the greatest coffee-themed story of its time, the caffeine jokes are strong enough to keep you awake all night as Howie, Britt and friends provide the laughs while trying to solve a double mystery that will keep readers hooked throughout.

Fun, clever and ever so slightly surreal, it’s easy reading for comedy and mystery fans of all ages and nationalities. So, grab a coffee, sit down somewhere where you can laugh out loud in comfort, and discover just what it’s like to run out of the world’s favourite dark brown bean.

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We Have Lost The Pelicans (We Have Lost series – Book 2)

Have you ever lost your pelicans? It’s not a very pleasant experience, that’s for sure. Especially if you’re one of the missing birds. But it is great fun reading a wacky comedy about lost pelicans. And this book fills that gap perfectly.

The action centres on the mysterious disappearance of the St James’ Park pelicans. And yes, the park really does have pelicans. Or, at least, it did have, until they completely vanished one morning.

Howie and Britt again star in this second comedy outing for Britain’s most reluctant secret agent and his won’t-take-no-for-an-answer journalist wife.

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We Have Lost The President (We Have Lost series – Book 1)

This is the perfect e-book for anyone who loves dry British humour, political satire, lots of comedy characters and thrillers that don’t take themselves too seriously.

The first book in the We Have Lost series, the intriguing story is set in a British Republic in the year 2044 – a world without royals, the internet or mobile phones. It features presidential spokesperson Howie Pond and his journalist girlfriend Britt, as they both try to solve the mystery of a president who’s vanished overnight from Buckingham Palace.

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